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Ø  Provides increased component operational life

Ø    Allows for preventive corrective actions

Ø    Results in decrease in equipment and/or process downtime

Ø    Lowers costs for parts and labour

Ø    Provides better product quality

Ø    Improves worker and environmental safety

Ø    Raises worker morale

Ø    Increases energy savings

Ø    Results in an estimated 8% to 12% cost savings over which might result from a

  predictive maintenance program

There are many advantages of using our condition monitoring predictive maintenance program. A well-orchestrated predictive maintenance program will all but eliminate catastrophic equipment failures. Staff will then be able to schedule maintenance activities to minimize or eliminate overtime costs. And, inventory can be minimized, as parts or equipment will not need to be ordered ahead of time to support anticipated maintenance needs. Equipment will be operated at an optimal level, which will also save energy costs and increase plant reliability.

Past studies have estimated that a properly functioning predictive maintenance program can provide a savings of 8% to 12% over a program utilizing preventive maintenance strategies alone. Depending on a facility's reliance on a reactive maintenance approach and material condition, savings opportunities of 30% to 40% could easily be realized. In fact, independent surveys indicate the following industrial average savings resulted from initiation of a functional predictive maintenance program:

Ø  Return on investment: 10 times

Ø   Reduction in maintenance costs: 25% to 30%

Ø   Elimination of breakdowns: 70% to 75%

Ø   Reduction in downtime: 35% to 45%

Ø   Increase in production: 20% to 25%



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